You’ve probably visited a site created using HTML5 without knowing it. It’s not a new technology. It’s essentially an updated set of features to expand the HTML that we’ve grown accustomed to. You don’t need to scrap everything you’ve already done. It’s a good starting point for adding the new features within the HTML5 standard. You can take what you already have and begin to enhance your users’ experiences.

So, why whould I care about HTML5?

You can create a more customized and immersive experience for your users and enhance your ability to reach a broader market. If you’re using a Flash-enhanced website, you’re missing out on millions of people who use iPhones and iPads to view web content, as those devices do not support Flash. By replacing those interactive elements of your site with HTML5-compliant features, more people will see your information.

Beyond websites, HTML5 will allow you to create customized apps for mobile devices without getting tied into all of the requirements of being an approved Apple Developer. You won’t need the iTunes Store to deliver your applications to your users, because you won’t be utilizing their infrastructure to create/distribute your apps. And, you’ll be saving their 30% fee in the process.

As adoption of the HTML5 standard grows, there will be more third party products and services on the market to support it. Just like “regular” HTML before it has evolved from static and boring 20 years ago to being a dynamic experience today, HTML5 will follow that same evolutionary path. If you’re ready to make plans for your future development needs, we’re ready to help you get there.


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