Interactive Media


Interactive Media Development

At Cybergraphix, we’re skilled in a number of ways to do just that:

  • CD/DVD ROM Authoring
  • Document Composition
  • Document Conversion
  • Document Imaging / Scanning
  • Graphic Design / Illustration

And when you add in our Web Development and iPhone/Android App solutions, we have a variety of avenues to help you immerse your audience with all the information they need to see your business in the best light.

CD / DVD Authoring

Sometimes you want to leave your prospects a tangible item that showcases your products and services. The days of bright, glossy, heavy catalogs are over.

You can leave a lightweight, dynamic CD or DVD that not only has your company’s information, but can contain full-motion video, animation, and sound.

When you have a great product or service, what better way to describe it than to actually show exactly what you do? You want interactive, animated menus? You’ve got it. Special features? No problem.

We’ve produced hundreds of CD/DVD projects for a variety of applications: from product catalogs to interactive educational materials.

Plus, utilzing our disc duplication partners, we’re your one-stop shop from concept and design to packaging and distribution. Why use multiple vendors when we can do everything under one roof?

Look at our case studies

Cybergraphix can create an interactive environment to immerse you in any environment that you can imagine. Whether your application is promotional, educational, or simply an archive of your information, Cybergraphix can design a user-friendly interface to guide viewers to your information quickly and creatively.

There are many options for distributing interactive materials about your company (CD, DVD, web, or mobile application). You can take the viewer on a tour of your facilities, show them detailed animations of how a piece of equipment works or even your entire production process. The only limitation is your imagination.

You can produce your catalogs on a disc, the web, or even a custom mobile application instead of those bulky, heavy, and expensive-to-ship printed manuals. Your customers can find the products they need immediately by simply clicking on the items in the index or by performing a simple search. No more flipping through pages. Quick and easy.


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