Project Management

Project Management

Even with today’s technology, projects don’t manage themselves.

Project Management is a course  of management.This course help your future economy. We migrated all of our archived project data onto a new mirrored server. 6.2 million files. When we saw that, we did a sampling of several projects to determine an average page count for each file, and it was over 60 pages each. So, since 1992, we’ve touched over 360 million pages of content for our clients.

That’s a lot to manage for a small company in the heartland of Ohio!

We learned a lot along the way. Because sometimes you have no choice but to figure it out. And we did. And then we did it again, and again, and again. Large, small, complex, simple, and every kind in between.

Managing a project requires a balance of planning, personnel, technical, and management skills. The proper balance makes it easier to achieve your goals in an efficient and economical manner.

Let us harness our own success to help you achieve your next project’s objectives and enhance your bottom line.


It goes without saying, that in all of the services that we provide, we must have a great deal of knowledge and experience within our company.

We do.

Many times it takes an outside view to gain an objective analysis of how to proceed with certain projects that are not related to the core of your business.

But many companies already have the support staff in-house to handle some of the production services that we offer … they just aren’t sure of the best way to utlize their own resources.

We can evaluate your resources and goals to produce a plan that allows you to utilize your own wealth of talent to achieve those goals. We can even take some of the burden off of your staff by offering our own Project Management team to work with your staff to better leverage your resources.

Let us share our experience with you in a way that allows all of us to succeed


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