Document Imaging / Scanning

Document Imaging / Scanning

scanningImagingIn many companies, information is scattered throughout numerous offices, cities, states and even countries. And that information can take the form of many different types of media: paper, microfiche, magnetic tape, diskettes (yes, people still have them), CD/DVD-ROMs, workstations, and intranets. PricewaterhouseCoopers notes that 7.5% of all paper documents get lost, while another 3% are misfiled. Don’t be another statistic.

With document scanning, we can turn this old manual into a efficient, email-able PDF! No matter what business you’re in, information is the key to your success.

In order to fully utilize this key business asset, you must make it a priority to ensure that anyone who has a need for your information is able to access it, quickly and accurately. Whether this information is to be used by your internal staff or clients half-way around the world, it must be easily accessible.

How can you get the information you need when you need it?

Cybergraphix offers you a solution…and a plan…not only for the information you have yesterday and today, but for the information you will be generating tomorrow and in the years to come. By evaluating the ways your company currently creates and organizes its data, we can develop a plan that will reduce your reliance on paper-based documents and create a system that lets you manage your information, not the other way around.


Document Scanning Benefits

If you’re reading this page, then you already know that scanning your paper-based information can be beneficial to your organization. Here are a few more reasons to consider working with Cybergraphix to digitize your documents:

• Quick, easy access to your information
• Efficient storage… no large physical storage area needed
• Portable… you can take or send the information wherever needed
• Duplicatable… you can store a backup copy in a secure off-site location
• Reduce labor costs incurred by trying to find old paper records in boxes
• No need for purchasing expensive hardware and software to scan your documents
• You don’t need to tie up your staff… we’ll do all the work!
• Dedicated professionals with years of experience ensure the results you demand!

Click HERE for a detailed listing of our rates.


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