Document Scanning Rates

There is a basic set-up charge of $50.00 on all scanning projects under $1000.00.
Set-up charge is waived on all projects over $1000.00.
Rates are based upon conversion to non-searchable PDF. Other formats and page sizes are available, just ask.

BASIC SCANNING: 5½ x 11 8½ x 11 8½ x 14
– Black & White – 200dpi 0.05/pg 0.06/pg 0.07/pg
– Black & White – 300dpi 0.06/pg 0.07/pg 0.08/pg
– Black & White – 400dpi 0.08/pg 0.09/pg 0.10/pg
– Black & White – 600dpi 0.11/pg 0.13/pg 0.15/pg
– Color/Grayscale – 200 dpi 0.10/pg 0.12/pg 0.14/pg
– Color/Grayscale – 300 dpi 0.15/pg 0.18/pg 0.21/pg
– Color/Grayscale – 400 dpi 0.18/pg 0.22/pg 0.26/pg
– Color/Grayscale – 600 dpi 0.35/pg 0.43/pg 0.51/pg
OPTIONS (in addition to scanning rates above):
– Add searchable (hidden) text under PDF image layer +0.04/pg +0.06/pg +0.08/pg
– OCR to MS-Word, RAW (no editing) +0.08/pg +0.14/pg +0.18/pg
– OCR to MS-Word, CLEAN (spellcheck, paragraph breaks,
capitalization, consistent font/size throughout)
(includes manual verification and cleanup)**
+0.45/pg +0.60/pg +0.75/pg
– Add bookmarks to PDF document +0.07/ea +0.07/ea +0.07/ea
– Add hyperlinks to PDF document +0.05/ea +0.05/ea +0.05/ea
– Split Binding/Trim Pages:
  – soft cover document 4.00/ea 5.50/ea 6.25/ea
  – hard cover document 6.00/ea 8.00/ea 9.50/ea
The removal of staples, paper clips, etc., will be quoted on a per-project basis.
** Mathematical- or Chemical-based text may incur additional recognition charges.


Pages Scanned Discount Rate
0 to 9,999 pages 0%
10,000 to 24,999 pages 5%
25,000 to 49,999 pages 7%
50,000 to 99,999 pages 9%
100,000 pages or more Call Us!

Custom Projects

While some scanning projects are simple and straight-forward, you may have your own unique specifications. Call or e-mail us to go over your specific needs!


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